Monday, December 15, 2008



• Why talk about possession? How is possession related to violence?

• But first, what is possession? What is it to possess?

• Is to possess the same as to acquire, to own, to have? Does it refer to the actual owning of objects and objects of affection, or does it have to do more with the emotional attachment to the thing or person that we possess? Is it the opposite of "letting go"? It is like saying, to dispossess is to let go. But, let go of what?

• Is controlling, the same as possessing? Is to possess something or someone, the same as to have control over something or someone?

• Why then, do we want to control? Why do we want to possess?

• Is compassion the anti-thesis of possession?

• Does possession have anything to do with the consciousness' inherent need to perpetually balance* itself? Is it trying to be in equilibrium by compensating, by possessing, by owning, by controlling?

• Is to control also to impose?

• Is losing control also losing "balance"?

• Does balance have anything to do with symmetry? with aesthetics?

• It is like we have many worlds, and we need to control these worlds.


*To read more about balance, please, go to the entry in Book I, The Balance.