Monday, December 15, 2008

Message of the Profound


I have not been sleeping well this past few days; I would awake in the middle of the night -- only after 2 or 3 hours of sleep -- and today, it was the same. I went to bed at mignight and woke up a little after two. So, anyway, I continued to do my re-editing of the book and while re-reading the book for the nth time, somehow i begin to have the sensation that the root of all these preoccupation and obsession with revenge is about to reveal itself. So, I stop the editing and just went back to asking more questions. Later on, going back to the most fundamental of all these questions. If this theme of vengeance has to be seen from its very root, it has to be coming from the most basic of the mechanisms. Why? because I do not know why but in my last post, I referred to it as a mechanism. In short – and I am realizing this just this night – that everything and I mean every single thing in this culture is and revolves around the theme of vengeance. How to get vengeance, how to avoid vengeance. It is all about injustice and justice. It all about guilt, punishment and revenge.

Why is it a mechanism? It is a mechanism because one goes on with one's life with this acting as the background of his actions and reactions. It is an almost automatic response. It is an automatic response mechanism.

In Book One - on one entry, we said, "So, they came up with the concept of the final justice, the ultimate justice, or the ultimate application of justice -- "Judgement Day"! Where, on the "end of days", all sinners who will eventually go to eternal hell will be on god's left, and those (I am not so sure who are the people that will stay on god's right since everyone sinned anyway) on the right will go to heaven.

"But, can you see the deep rooted mechanism working here? How a whole cultures' psyche is so obsessed with vengeance and revenge? So much so, that they would not only pursue perpetrators to the ends of the earth, but also to the ends of life, and even to the ends of the afterlife!"

If it is a basic mechanism of response, then, finding the root of the theme has also to do with the most basic of mechanisms; the mechanism of individual preservation, and the mechanism of conservation of the species.

So, it was right there, where and when it happened – when he was "thrown out of paradise".

Okay, this an eye for an eye came more or less around the period of the Hammurabi code. But how come it is still with us, even if there have been other teachings more advance than this?

So, the later coming of Moses, then much later, coming of Christ -- didn't do anything to change that obsession with vengeance -- even if Moses' god said -- thou shall not kill, period; no ifs, ands, or buts. or Jesus saying "do unto others as you want others do unto you..." and "judge not, lest ye be judged", etc.

So, this theme must be very much older and basic than any of these -- to be still with us...


This injustice and the obsession to get justice -- does it have to do with the allegory of the first people being "thrown out of paradise"? When they ceased from being "immortal" and became "mortal"?

Does it have anything to do with man's realization that his life is finite, when he started to have this illusion that he is not immortal? When he was still in this allegorized "Garden of Eden", he was supposed to be "immortal" – and that was taken away from him when he was banished from this "paradise". So, now, as any other living being on this planet, he is mortal, just because he ate this "red fruit". What a great injustice, indeed! And so, after thousands of years, he is still trying to compensate this great void left inside him by this event. And so, since thousands of years ago, he has been going around -- leaving death and destruction behind and all around him -- wherever he went – just like the rebel replicants in Ridley Scott's "Blade Runner", looking for their creator to demand that he extend their limited lifespan.

And so, maybe, the solution then, is for people to start having faith that indeed, death does not exist; that life is infinite -- and to put an end to this belief in the idea or concept of judgment day, hell and all those lies invented by demented people.


"Finally, my friends, I want to share with all of you this profound certainty that says: "The Sacred is within us and nothing bad can happen in this profound search for the Un-nameable." I believe that something very good will happen when human beings find the Meaning, so many times lost and so many times found again in the twists and turns of History.

Friends, I would like this Message of the Profound to be heard. It is not a strident Message, it is a quiet message that cannot be heard when one tries to trap it.

Friends, I would like to transmit the certainty of immortality. But, how could what is mortal generate something immortal? Perhaps we should rather ask ourselves, how it is possible for the immortal to generate the illusion of mortality." –Silo