Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Total Revolution

• A revolution that doesn't have the human being as its main focus and concern, and is not totalizing in scope is just another lost opportunity. All these so-called revolutions are merely historical anecdotes, and are just postponing the real one.

• They are good - in and of themselves - but, we cannot believe that they will transform the world.

• It is like donating money or volunteering to feed the hungry, which is a worthy cause. The hungry gets to eat, and people feel good for doing their part. But, it does not, and will not end poverty and hunger in the world.

• I'm not saying that people should stop doing these things, and I'm not saying that these actions are bad; in reality, they are good and worthwhile endeavors. But, in the end, they do not transform anything.

• It is the same with politics. You can support this candidate, or that party - because, they are less evil, or because you like their slogans; but, in the end, the results are the same, and the system is again given a life extension of another thousand years.

• Every time we participate in the games of the system, we postpone the real change, the real transformation. If we play their game, they win - and by extension - we lose.

• So, when will the system fall?

• It will fall and collapse from within - only if and when we stop participating and playing their game.


• What the world needs now are not baby steps, but one big giant leap.

• What the world needs is a totalizing revolution, a revolution that is social, cultural, and psychic. It needs real transformation, not reformation. It means not only external transformation, but also, as important, internal transformation.

• External transformation means a total collapse of the system and its concomitant transformation.

• Internal transformation means that each of us have rid ourselves of our internal frustrations, contradiction, revenge and violence; it means that we are reconciled with our past, and have active nonviolence integrated as our daily mode of action.

• A world transformed means a new civilization where nonviolence and compassion prevails.